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"And the winner for "Illest First Song On An Album' is...."

Unravels the envelope to increase suspense...

Kool G. Rap for "On The Run"

This song is the prime example for why so many NYC rappers when asked mention this man in their top five.

Gritty, raw.

Slick, detailed & one helluva story.

In this track, G.Rap creates a character straight out of a Scorcese film & if the soundtrack to Goodfellas featured hip-hop, I swear somehow this would've had to fit in.


I got a job with the mob, makin G's
Doin some pickups, deliveries and transportin keys
Yeah they got me like a flunkie
I'm ridin around with ten kilos inside my trunk G
And I'm holdin the suitcase
with a half a million dollars right in my motherfuckin face
And I'm tryin to ignore it
But sometimes I get tempted to make a motherfuckin run for it
The thought alone makes me shiver, damn
What if I get caught? They'll find me floatin in the Hudson River
But if I escape, I'll be in shape for my life
but they might, get my kid and my wife

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo - "On The Run"

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo - Wanted Dead Or Alive (1990)& Live & Let Let Die(1992)

On a sidenote, cats are droppin links for alot of OOP albums, mid-90's Rap City classics. My best advice, grab'em while they're available because some are rare & expensive as hell on if you were to purchase them elsewwhere, if they were even available.

And I pretty much figure cats have been beastin for this long enough so enjoy...

J.R. Writer - Writer's Block 3

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