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One Wish....

Retro said it yesterday.

On a daily, it's usually he and I on the words.

But on the music, we got a strong group of cats that listen, upload links, critique shit with us, etc. etc...I like to consider them our own Tom Hagens, our consiglieres.

So I asked the crew...

One track

Any genre

One from right now (within the past two months) that you wish
everybody could hear

They came back.

- "Some Pharoah Monche"

Pharoah Monche

Don Poppa

T-Pain - "In Love With A Stripper" Remix ft. Akon Twista Pimp C Paul Wall MJG & Too Short


- "I dunno why but I love this track gets em throwed up in the club down here in Texas"

Kenika - Drag'em Out The Club

Retro - "This shit is hot to me."

Cam'ron - "White Girls"

Neil Diamonds - "Since I'm on a Lupe kick lately i gotta go with his HANDCUFFS joint...mostly cuz lots of us can relate!! Plus dude is clever as hell with his spits..."

Lupe Fiaso - "Handcuffs"

Note to readers - Neil is special so he gave me two songs...

"This shit is bananas to me...Big Brother is always watchin'!!"

E-40 - "They Might Be Taping"

The Big Dance is knockin at the door.

I'm a Syracuse fan, tried and true...

From all the way back in '87 when I was shorty and cried on the couch when Keith Smart hit the "the shot"

...all the way up to Hakeem had "the block" & rewrote our history.

I got every fuckin piece of paraphenalia from the NCAA Championship run thanks to my homie MDiddy (including an autographed SI w/Melo on the cover & his John Hancock :) )

I remember the shame of watching them gettin shamed by Richmond in 1991 in the first round and it felt like deja vu when DePaul handed them their ass last week.

Earlier in the week, Coach Boheim went ballastic, on behalf of Gerry Mac, cursing out the media.

...and right about now, Gerry has silenced all naysayers, proven his coach right (there's something beautiful about believing in people) and put the 'Cuse on his back.

Like Boheim, I'm prolly going to be a Syracuse fan until I die.

And for that reason, our "music" blog has been doused with orange.


Basketball - College Lines (Game)
(539) Syracuse +7 (-130) Sat@8:00p

Final Scores
Syracuse 65
Pittsburgh 61




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Our Requests

• Anyone have any DJ SHI'ITE Mixtapes? If so, give us a holler on the email. It's been on the want list for a while. Anyone able to hook us up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Charli Baltimore - The Dark Half Mixtape

Al Tariq - God Connections

Nine - Cloud Nine

Nine - Nine Livez

Stray Shots

Keep checking back because we'll continually update this section

KMD - Black Bastards

Oh No - The Disrupt Instrumental LP PW is ILL420

Grouch - Nothing Changes

Grouch - Fuck The Dumb

Show & A.G. - Goodfellas

Wildchild - Secondary Protocol

Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep

Top Authority - Rated G



Dipset Eurogang-The Gangs All Here (Best Of Dipset Euro)



Madeas Family Reunion OST [Retail][2006]


8Ball & MJG - Space Age Forever [Retail][2000]

Young Gunz - Tough Luv [Retail][2003]



Nine - Cloud Nine

Nine - Nine Livez

John Legend

Live At The Knitting Factory
Live At The House Of Blues
Live At Jimmy's Uptown Cafe
Live At The Jazz Cafe

John Legend Live

Organized Konfusion

Organized Konfusion
Stress: The Extinction Agenda
The Equinox

OK Discography

J.R. Writer

Writer's Block Volume
Writer's Block Volume 2
The Legend

J.R. The Writer Of Writers

This one is a slew of R&B & jazz but I got tired of formatting lol.

Includes some...

Norm Connors (Nine different discs)
3rd Storee
Calvin Richardson
Glenn Lewis
Michael Jackson

Souled Out

edit... .... go to the corner that is The Land Of C for the following additions ...

Saian Supa Crew - X Raisons (2001)
Saian Supa Crew - Hold Up (2005)
MC Solaar - Prose Combat
MC Solaar - Mach 6
MC Solaar - Paradisiaque
Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2000) (Ninja Tune)
DJ Format - Music For The Mature B-Boy (2003)

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