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In lieu...

...of a post today, we're just gonna share a shitload of links that the homie DA sent us. It's loaded with some good stuff but it was way to heavy to even consider posting lol. So this is the best method of sharing it.

Download the file, save it and peruse and use at your own leisure.

DA's Bonanza

Click the ads to visit our sponsors, post a comment, send in some links, blase blase blah while we rest a little today (Retro Inspired is recouperating well. Son ate some bad possum soup or some shit).

More to come...

EDIT - Due to overwhelming demand (*cough* some of the links in that joint didn't work*cough*), we decided to help you out. Never fear...THIS is where the importance of sharing music you have comes in.

Thanks to contributions, we had links on stash. I was going to save them, especially this Joss Stone joint as well as the Neil Armstrong one (yes...another one!), but here you go.

Brotha Lynch Hung - Season Of Da Siccness

Fabulous and the Street Family: Loso's Rise to Power

Kartoon - 1st Drive By Mixtape

Eastern Conference All-Stars 3

Jadakiss-Kiss of Death

Jadakiss-Kiss The Game Goodbye

Kice of Course - New Experience

Joss Stone - Duets

Queen - Best Of Queen Vol. 1

Neil Armstrong - True

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