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Tuesdays are dumb hectic around these parts.

We've always got some shit to say but not always the time to bake the cake and present it properly.

But, personally, I still feel semi-obligated to post & share.

So this post will serve as a simple public service announcement on our behalf lol.

Don't trip; we'll be back tomorrow in full effect.

Plus even when we half step we're miles ahead of our imagined competition.

Personally though, I want to take the time to say props to you cats for starting to share more amongst yourselves as a community in the comments box to the right.

We were thinking of scrapping it just last week because it was always "can you put up...". Now it's starting to look more like full effort poppin off. Kudos on that for real. Also, take advantage of the group forum on Last.FM group to share your wares. It's a good tool & easy to join.



Support the artists!

Drop us a Paypal donation. We've got things we want to do to enable us to be able to do more with maintaining and upgrading. Ten cents or ten's all welcome and appreciated. If you can't do that, be sure to visit our sponsors ads.

• Take it away from here...join the Myspace group or the Last.FM group. With Myspace, we send routine updates and some extras. With Last.FM, if we get 15 members, our groups listening preferences can be tracked and it's pretty interesting to see what everybody else is listening to. Personally, I've found some really good selections by checking what others are listening to.

Our Requests

• Anyone have any DJ SHI'ITE Mixtapes? If so, give us a holler on the email. It's been on the want list for a while. Anyone able to hook us up, it would be greatly appreciated.

• Also, we're looking for C.O.G (Children of Ghetto) for our good friend Kim L aka Ms. F Lupus as she's trying to show support for the troops in Iraq and they requested this rare release. Keep your opinions on Bush but try to show some love if you got access to anything by this group and send it in.

Charli Baltimore - The Dark Half Mixtape or Cru - Da Dirty 30 - If you got those, please pass that.

Stray Shots

Tragedy Khadafi - Still Reporting

Ladybug Mecca - Trip The Light Fantastic

Miri Ben-Ari - The Hip-Hop Violinist + Bonus Tracks

Goodie Mob - Dirty South Classics (2003)

Wildstyle OST & Instrumentals

Sunspot Jonz - Underground Legend

Black Sheep - Non Fiction

Eligh - A Story of Two Worlds

Grouch - Making Perfect Sense

Motion Man - Clearing the Field

Joey Chavez - Music From the Connection

Babyface - Grown and Sexy-2005

Glenn Lewis - Back For More (Advance)

Amel Larrieux - Infinite Possibilities

Percy Miracles (Phonte off Little Brother) - Ladies Champ EP

Chaka Khan - Naughty PW is shored

Rufus - Rags To Rufus [1974]


Chamillionaire - The Sound of Revenge

Chamillionaire - The Sound of Revenge (Screwed and Chopped by OG Ron C)

Chamillionaire - The Mixtape Messiah (3 Disc Set)

Chamillionaire - Man On Fire / Tippin Down 2005

Chamillionaire - Chamillitary

Chamillionaire - The Truth (Regular and Screwed Versions)

Rapid Ric and Chamillionaire - What It Dew (Regular and Screwed Versions)

Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Get Ya Mind Correct

Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Get Ya Mind Correct (Screwed and Chopped by DJ Michael Watts)

Chamillionaire Files Props to Jersey

Since everybody fell in love with these joints, we compiled them (plus added a few more) so you could download at your own convience...


2 Original







Nonstop Part 1

Nonstop Part 2


Front To Back

Rocafella Holiday Mix (Unreleased)

DJ Neil Armstrong Overload Text File

To show Neil & his crew some love, visit

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