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Gordon Parks died yesterday.

Kirby Puckett the day before.

One thing is guaranteed in our lifetimes...we will all face death.

What makes it a little more eerie from our perspective is that the anniversary of Biggie's death is March 9.

Hip-Hop (and even R&B to an extent) is not dead.

Look at hip-hop the way alot of people view not only a time of total mourning but also of celebration.

Instead of saying hip-hop is dead & crying about the old days, make an attempt to embrace the new and figure out why it's so appealing to so many.

You may have to dig a little deeper & sift thru alot of loose gravel to find gold but it's out there.

I promise you, every single time I think hip-hop is on it's last leg, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, some new cat will come thru with the electric jolt pads, rub'em together, holler "clear!" and the shit is back on & poppin like it's '88 all over again.

And Hip-Hop as a culture...please.

It will never die.

There's two generations living right now that it's all we know. We live it & breath it each and every day.

To shine on Big, I started to just hit you two of his more morbid but conceptually well executed songs...

"You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You" & "Suicidal Thoughts"

In addition though, I've been wanting to give this next joint some shine anyways & this seems like a perfect time.

I'm not a fan of all the reworking and incorporating of Biggie and Tupac alongside artists they prolly wouldn't fuck with while they were alive & over trash for beats.

But I'm a cheerleader for this cut right here.

Notorious B.I.G. & Paul Cain - "Make It Hot"

A recycled Big verse that actually fits the song because Paul's gruff voice sounds like prime Bad Boy in the vein of Black Rob or G-Dep...A hot but underlooked Big line as the hook..."on ya burial site/a smoke blunts all night til the light"'s a wrap.

And if this is the best Big I can get...shit, I can listen to this all day.

So, again, celebrate what is instead of what isn't.



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