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"I Be Damned If I Do, And Damned If I Don't ..."

"Hail Mary, please help me, cause I know my foes won't
Rest -- until they see me surrounded by grief
Wear a wreath, and my grave reading 'rest in peace'
How can the whole world hate me and turn they back?
Cause I'ma TRU motherfucker, any nigga know that
I stand my ground, ain't trippin' on what turf you claim
I put my faith in God's hands, it's a white man's land
Straight from the wounds of my momma's belly
To the streets, to the pen, I wish somebody'd tell me
Cause I'm lost like a needle in the hay
Before I lay, I pray, and steady searchin' for a better day
And I'm guilty for the crime of telling the truth
And my conviction is the blame for whatever you do
And backpains from the world on my shoulder blades
But I be damned if they send me to an early grave

C-Murder - "Damned If They Murder Me"

I know I'm one to glorify violence at times and root for the bad guy even though I know he's guilty.

But something about dude's whole case seemed a little off intially.

So, it's good to hear that C-Murder is out on bond.

Shit, it's really good to hear about mostly anyone gettin out from behind bars because the place changes so many people in negative ways and fails to "rehabilitate" or "correct" as the names of the facilities often portray.

Let's hope that his new trial sees him free for good and C comes back and realizes the blessings and opportunities before him and utilizes them to the fullest.

Two strong C-Murder tracks with him doing his best thug thing.

"Down For My Aggins" - Guaranteed to fuck up a club scene from the opening horns with even the chicks gettin rowdy.

"Damned If They Murder Me" - Somber sound and song, Ms. Peaches singing a gospel-tinged hook plus featuring another No Limit Tank Dog locked in the system, MAC (FREE MAC!...Truly because he case is grimier than C's).

And without a doubt, let's hope Master P and his brother make amends because during their labels prime there wasn't too many others touchin them.

To me, although they put out a lot of material, an understatement at best, the I'm Bout It Soundtrack had to be one of their best.

The first five to seven songs themselves showcase the uncanny ability that, whoever truly oversaw this project, had to pick songs. Nothing overly lyrical. Just solid beats and good artists not slacking as is par the course for most soundtracks.

Brothha Lynch Hung rhyming over the dark, sythesized "Situation On Dirty" and starting off with the grimey "Hit that aggin fo'bout fo'zonessss....." as the bass literally drops.

E-40 and B-Legit on "Come On"...aww fuck it. It's impossible to quote 40 because there's no way you can convey the charisma and sound he gives a track...but for quotables...

"Give me some Valiums and some Robitussin and watch me do it
Dip my cancer stick into some imbalming fluid
Show your I.D then pass it right back to me cousin cause see I'm a minor
and these wet daddies got your partner sweating like drippy ass vagina
Let me up in this bitch-ass club security or me and my guys gone bum
rush these doors make it so it won't be no more rap shows

Mystikal doing his best bounce on "What Cha Think"...Master P outshining 8-ball and MJG, AND U.G.K. on "Meal Ticket" (Don't believe me? Listen!)...the remorseful tone of "If I Could Change" that showed that P & crew mastered the hook pretty well...the '97 club anthem "How You Do Dat". They even flipped the script and added one of the smoothest R&B, "we fuckin tonite" songs ever with "Pushin' Inside You" by Sons Of Funk.

Truly, there's no brain food for the average rap fan on here. But that was never No Limit's aim as they sought only to give war music to soldiers and consolation music to repentative thugs.

And they did it so well.

No Limit Records - I'm Bout It OST

Oh...and don't get me started on the movie lol. Down South, we don't have high rise projects...we got them big ass widespread collections of interconnected buildings. And the characters...they were only slightly exaggerated because our crime areas are floded with entertaining fiends and straight ignorant savages just like they played it.

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