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I've Learned That It's The Voice....

...that makes me like/dislike artists.

R&B...I want a smooth, silky voice because I'm envisioning rappin with a broad & trying to cut something. Not too syrupy, not too whiny...but a balanced tenor with the ability to hit a few highs.

But for rap, I want to hear a "man" rap, not some whiny voiced cat squeaking & squalling about some gibberish.

Example - J.R. Writer

No matter how much I like the punchlines he blesses us with on Writer's Block Three, dude won't get replay with me because his voice sounds like a seventh grader. I'm praying son's balls drop before his album comes out.

I need to hear some rough talkin, bass-heavy motherfuckers spittin...makin me feel like he's talkin shit at me.

That type of shit that makes me start feeling around for my pistol til dude drops one of those "wooooohhh!" type lines that makes me rewind the track, and reminds me that I'm being entertained.

Example, Vakill

Son sounds like he's gonna come thru the speaker and choke you out.

Harsh, aggressive + Chi-town accent, punchlines = good listening

Gruff voice, reminscient of Ras Kass but a tad deeper.

A nice mix of Chi-town gang representing with a mix of introspection.

Walking into this album with no preconcieved notions, I walked away pleased.

Several standout cuts on this album but, me being me, I always determine if I'm going to enjoy an album by the intial track. "Worst Fear Confirmed"...Hova sample...rapid fire but audible flow...point scored and I was hooked.

Vakill - "Worst Fear Confirmed"

Straw Vote

I stumbled across this jewel as well and more and more, I'm starting to love these "here's the samples!" albums.

Actually, fuck it...I'mma just start checking cd inserts & getting all the original songs producers are using.

After listening to this twice today, all I can say is "wow" and that producers & dj's remain the essence of what's keeping hip-hop alive for me.

VA - Original Nas Album Samples

Last but not least...

A part of history, not just hip-hop history, died today.

I thought I'd spoken on this crew before but maybe not.

If you remember the early 90's, pink cadillacs, African medallions, the words "sisssssiieeeeesssss!" and "vanglourious", the reclaiming and emphasis on the Black Panther Party's relevance, Marcus Garvey, "To the East Blackwards...with a key"....then you know it's a sad day upon us to hear that Professor X of X-Clan has died.

If you don't know, get familiar.

X-Clan - To The East Blackwards

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Hidden Beach Recordings Presents - Unwrapped, Vol. 3

Bill Cosby - Hello Friends,To Ennis with Love

Slicc - Who tha Hell is Slicc

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Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man (1972) [Remastered]

Isaac Hayes - Instrumentals (2003)

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly (1977) [Remastered]

Pharrell - In My Mind (Advance)

OC - Starchild

Wagon Christ - Throbbing Pouch

Too $hort-Life is...Too Short

Above the Law-Livin Like Hustlers

MC Ren-Kizz My Black Azz

Various Artists-America is Dying Slowly

Boogie Down Productions-Sex and Violence

Wu-Tang Killa Bees-The Swarm Vol.1

TRU-Who's Da Killer?

Esham-Boomin Words From Hell

Atmosphere-You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

Do or Die-Picture This

Above the Law-Time Will Reveal

Layzie Bone-Thug By Nature

Mo Thugs-Chapter II Family Reunion

T-Rock -Conspiracy Theory

Sir Mixalot-Swass

Down South Hustlers-Bouncin & Swingin (Two Discs)

Warren G-Take a Look Over Your Shoulder

Pharoahe Monch Rarities Features B-Sides & Remixes (Two Discs)

Devin The Dude feat. Coughee Brothaz - Collectors Edition FULL CD!! [Advance][2006]


Chino_XL-Poison_Pen-Retail-2006 [Retail][2006][GroupRip]



DJ OSK Presents Worldwide Warfare (Hosted By M1 Of dead prez)

Prince - 3121

Prince - 94 East EP [1978][First Studio Work]

Cool Breeze - East Points Greatest Hits

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