The Smoking Section (Masthead) Respect Our Fresh!

"Since you become a paid cat T.I. you been so layed back..."

"I wonder where lil' bad ass Tip from back in the day at"

Intial repeatable track/early prognosis

"Live In The Sky"

Jamie Foxx's, not my favorite by far, subtle ad-libbing & crooning


Somber piano and dark bassline


T.I.'s ability to tell his war stories & report from the streets better than anybody else on his level right now....

"My cousin Toot ain’t have to die
Right in front of his son, and his wife
He lost his life struggling over a gun
Give a damn what he done, that’s my muhfuckin folk
And I love dat nigga to death, no motherfuckin joke
I can feel my eyes fillin, the Lord as my witness
If I catch him, I'mma kill him, I made it my business
Back in da day, ya stayed in my business
Taught me I ain’t have to incorporate yay in my business
Coincidentally, that’s why today you’re not wit me
My cousin died over some yay and I miss him
Plus he had his family out, let’s say she da eyewitness
But her boyfriend did da shootin, judge gave her life sentence
I heard dat, now I’m dressed up in all black
Shot up da whole apartments, but he still ain’t brought back
Da best friend I had, and Jamel, I lost dat
Guess ya death was a lesson in life, it taught me dat

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