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When shoelaces were fat and Michael Jackson was black...

Yes, RETRO back in this piece after a food poisoning induced hiatus from the site.

As you can probably tell by now, besides our army of Co-D's contributing, it's mostly Gotty™ and I(Retro) writing, shoutout to the guest appearances. Of our dynamic duo, Gotty's™ the intellectual. From social issues to civil rights to stepping your fashion game up, my dude got it locked. Me? I'm just a young man with an old soul. Music links the past with who I am today. That's also part of the reason I can hardly relate to all this newfangled fads in r&b and hip hop. So, I stick to the classics. Everything else can kiss my ass.

Yes, I am bitter.

Speaking of classics, here's a nice little clip of my man Willie Hutch (RIP) doing his thing on Soul Train years ago, performing "Tell Me Why Our Love Has Turned Cold," which Three 6 Mafia has sampled for their hit of the year "Stay Fly." (Might want to let it load first before playing it all the way through, youtube has been acting funny style as of late.)

But Willie wasn't most famous for this song. If anything, it was for his work on the soundtrack of "The Mack."

Willie Hutch - The Mack Soundtrack

Which brings me to point of today's blog. I stumbled upon a "mixtape" of sorts for you readers to feast on. If anything, it's "D-boys, Pimps, and Macks 101" for those of you that don't know about the hustlin soul movement way back in the 70's. A 3 cd compilation of the freshest soul during the blaxploitation movement in black cinema. Where you think folks got that swagger from? Goldie, Superfly, Shaft, all the bad mofos started swagger in the hood. And damned if you couldnt admire the hell out of them, regardless of their career choices. If you cant bop to these joints, then something wrong with you, foreal.

If you don't like it, cool. But just remember the roots of hip hop and soul centric music came from these cats. And pay homage to the OG's, because many of them won't be around for long. And just remember, OG > samples. Say word.

Hustlin Soul - Return of The Pusherman CD 1

Hustlin Soul - Return of The Pusherman CD 2

Hustlin Soul - Return of The Pusherman CD 3

PW is CaesarTjalbo (shoutout to him for sharing)

Retro Out

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• Anyone have any DJ SHI'ITE Mixtapes? If so, give us a holler on the email. It's been on the want list for a while. Anyone able to hook us up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Charli Baltimore - The Dark Half Mixtape

Stray Shots

Cipha Sounds - The Official Mixtape For The Streets

Classic Hip Hop n Stuff Vol 1

Classic Hip Hop n Stuff Vol 2

Constant Evelation Compilation Album

Definition Of Ill Vol 1

Definition Of Ill Vol 1

Definition Of Ill Vol 2 The Mixes

Phife Dawg - Ventilation LP

Wu-Tang Remedy - The Genuine Article

Super Rappin

Non-Phixion - The Future Is Now

Slum Village - Dirty District

Rob Swift - The Ablist

Method Man Presents Streetlife - Street Education

Boston Underground Hip Hop

Dave Hollister - Ghetto Hymns

J Rawls - The Essence of J Rawls

Smooth Da Hustler - Once Upon A Time In America

Souljah Slim - Give It To'em Raw

My man Got Mick? sent me this.

All I'mma say is "Do you really like Prince?"

If so, this is for you....

Everything Prince

...A Virtual Overload, Literally Every Song The Man Had A Hand In

Plus some old Hed Kandi links I found with some still working...

Hed Kandi - Various Album Links Text File

For Tone & My Favorite Guatemalan


John Legend

Live At The Knitting Factory
Live At The House Of Blues
Live At Jimmy's Uptown Cafe
Live At The Jazz Cafe

John Legend Live

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