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"Everybody Got They Cups But They Ain't Pitched In..."

Retro back in this piece. In memorance of this past weekend full of liquor, I'm putting down a party post. Now, if you've had any type of experience with alcohol, you know what these Dixie cups mean. Every cookout, every house party, every time you cracked that bottle open as a young'n, people brought their motherfucking cups out like welfare checks. Ninja style. The universal symbol for some drunk times. Whether it was lean, gin and juice, or just beer from the keg, the Dixie cups made for a good time.

Out by my way, when people bumped certain joints on the cd changer/turntables, folks whipped out their cups, blunts, bongs, tabs and proceeded to get FADED.

I suppose I have somewhat of a West Coast bias, but these particular joints still get me hyped to get fucked up and wild out on some ignorant shit.

Snoop - Gin & Juice

Hence the coined title, "Everybody got they cups but they aint chipped in..." I would put stacks up that anytime people heard that song, someone would ALWAYS catch a moment of clarity like, "Yeah mufucka, you aint donate shit but that mufucking Dixie cup in your hand!" Serious comedy if you the casual observer in this situation. Mad folks got they're cards pulled cuz of Snoop.

Luniz - I Got 5 On It

Bay area classic, hands down. If you came late to a blunt session, your ass got passed up and written off. No freebies amongst our crew for the continual leechers. Either put in, or get put the fuck up out the house. Food stamps, bus tokens, whatever. Just put in and you're straight for at least a few puffs worth of that cheeba.

Three 6 Mafia - Sippin On Some Syrup

This here is a more recent, sentimental favorite of mine. Both Gotty™ and I always recite, "Take that monkey shit off, you embarassing us," a la Pimp C, anytime we see folks not repping it right. Texas twang and all. When this blew in 99-2000, that was the first sign the Dirty was fixin to come up in a big way. Had mofos out in LA sippin on Nyquil and Robutussin acting a fool. Yeah the song was about cough syrup. Just not that kind. I'm talkin about that Barre/Prometh with some Codeine. Get right with the crushed ice, Sprite, and you good for the night. Hell, even a portion of the next day. Shoutout to H-Town while I'm at it, I know he's up on that lean.

Bone Thugs & Harmony - First of the Month

This right here doesn't need an introduction. It aint really about weed, but anytime my peoples around the way had problems, they always turned to Mary Jane. A little bit of comfort in each toke. First of the month, you get those unemployment checks, spend it on rent, food, diapers, and a little of that dro. Growing up in and around LA, this was the standard, when we fell on hard times. There wasn't any fucking therapy if you were an 80's baby. Our therapy was partying, smoking, drinking, and fuckin our worries away.

Bone Afroman - Because I Got High

No need for words here. Afro is a fucking fool.

Be easy everyone. I'm off to the corner store for some zay and yak.

Outty 5000,

Retro Inspired

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