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Local color is a type of writing that was popular in the late 19th century, particularly among authors in the U. S. South. This style relied heavily on using words, phrases, and slang that were native to the particular region in which the story took place.

I had to study this in college so I'm well aware of it & prominent authors who excelled in using it, including Mark Twain & Ernest Gaines.

These down south dudes really have a way with creating their own form of musical local color by showing us their hoods.

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of the whole H-Town movement.

Don't get it twisted...I'm glad they're gettin their shine. But, personally, it's not always my flavor of what I want to hear.

Except Magno...

Son is comical & he's got a way with pronouncing words with a twang that makes them mesh together rather nice.

In terms of local color, he spits the usual H-Town topics - drank, paint & jewels, but does it with some interesting comparisons. At the same time, he throws in a few similes and metaphors that compete with the most lyrical dudes from both coasts.

I was sold when I heard this track.

Magnificent - "Magnificent Bout His Cash"

Ever heard a beat & you just wished somebody else would've got on it and ripped it?

"Lean With It, Rock With It"...don't front because the beat is serious and catchy as hell. But you knew them cats wasn't doin it right.

Magno goes hard and does it proper justice, lacing it with his own brand of slick talk that's always entertaining. Quoting him would take a whole lot more time so just listen.

Magnificent - "Tip Down" Freestyle

I can't put my finger on what makes this Rick Ross track so hot to me...maybe it's the deep bass...the whiny organs...there's a chance it could be money's flow, which is somewhat reminiscent of Jeezy in terms of the way he streches his words. But, even with the slightest of comparisons, you can still feel his spit is all his.

Even though I haven't every set foot in Miami, I got a rough idea about the place from television and from homies who live's not all sandy beaches and broads in bikinis.

Rick Ross brings the other side of Miami to the ears of listeners with his cool little description of the active drug trade, both large & small scale, that takes place in his city.

Rick Ross - "Hustler's Anthem"

Rick Ross - "Hustler's Anthem" Remix featuring Busta Rhymes



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