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It's hard to put a finger on this man's appeal to me.

I wanted to review his self-titled album a while back but never really got around to it & now his new joint has dropped so it's proper time to give him some shine so you'll check for him.

Van Hunt's voice sounds like a slightly deeper, more toned version of Prince sans the exotic behaviors. As well, he's able to portray sensuality with his voice & lyrics, but never sounding too "neo-soul" to me because I generally don't like that shit. Alot of artists who are pigeon-holed in that category rely on the screams, wails and the idea of being "in touch with their emotions" to sell them. You don't really get that from son as it feels more like he's singing about life & love from experience.

Both are these consist of acoustic tracks (woohoo...I love it!) Standout tracks from these two selections - "Dust", "Down Here In Hell" and "Precious".

Give them a listen and be sure to check for his other work we've previously posted (FYI - I prefer his previous work to his new one but perhaps it'll grow on me)...

Van Hunt

The Napster Sessions

1. Dust
2. Down Here In Hell
3. Seconds Of Pleasure
4. Simply Beatuiful

Van Hunt - The Napster Sessions

Acoustic EP

1. Hidden Charms
2. Seconds Of Pleasure
3. Precious

Van Hunt - Acoustic EP

Fat Joe

Love Hate

To be one of the least recognized cats in the game, Joe Crack always seems to evoke either one of these two emotions from listeners...passionately.

I'm a fan of the dude personally but I won't gush over him because I think I'm respectful of the history behind him and the image - the street thuggery (dig deep and check Crack's track record), the graff artist, the shoe enthusiast.

Lyrically, hate.

Even if you knock him, there's something about the "let me bare my soul for you" drive behind this series of songs, first to last, that has to make you respect him for doing all he's done in the game. And each one is accompanied with some of the best beats around...the tremendous swells of the second one, the ill piano supplied by Premo on part one, and deep haunting basslines of part three.

And always, revealing each go-round...

"I'm sick and tired of stressin, every days a different lesson
I'm free-fallin tryna leave this deep depression
My son Joey still slow, my moms got cancer in her throat
My big brother sniffin dope

Lemme know how many motherfucker wanna be just like me
Screamed at and treated like shit by your wifey
This hot bitch be sweatin the coke cash
My baby mother think I grow dough out my ass
It's like, how much fight I got left in me?
Niggaz won't be happy till they bring the fuckin death of me
But you never see Joe look weak or flow off beat
and Charlie sees the board in four more weeks

"Still Real (Shit Is Real Part Two)"

Fat Joe - "Shit Is Real"

Fat Joe - "Still Real (Shit Is Real Part Two)"

Fat Joe - "Shit Is Real Part Three"



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