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Every few months, I have to check in with some fashion tips (Let us not forget that this is a blog lol).

Way back, the streets influenced the rappers and the athletes. Now the roles are reversed for some people. Not all of us, but some.

This is for them.

If you one of those cats who wakes up in the morning and rocks your own steez without wondering "WWJD" (What Would Jay Do?...or Pharell, Fab, Kanye, Weezy, etc.)then big-up to you. Keep doing you baby.

For the rest of you, relax, have a drink, smoke something, whatever...class is in session.

Every "man" over the age of eighteen needs a suit. Yeah, you got the little blazer with the expensive jeans look. Cool.

But you need a bonafied decent quality suit.


Because as you get older, you do have occassions where such is needed. If nothing else, you might have to go to a funeral and you don't wanna disrespect the dead by coming in those $180 jeans you just copped and some dingy ass button-up you wear to the club. As well, it comes a time in every man's life when he must be a man and stop borrowing his father's suits.

- Cop a light wool joint so you can adapt it for wear in winter or summer.
- Go with the colors
1.) Navy
2.) Dark Charoal
3.) Medium Gray

Going with these colors leave you with a suit that's multipurpose. You can dress it up with the right hued shirt & tie combo and wear it to an affair or dress it down for a more serious affair.

It's a button-up not a button-down. A button-down refers to the buttons that a shirt might possess on the collar; not the ones running down the middle of your shirt.

While we're speaking on them, if you're going to wear a button-up, try to get one that is your true size or only one size bigger. And fuck that smedium shit in any shirt. I don't care if you got muscles or not. That shit went out (was it ever in?) in the mid 90's.

You should possess at least one pair of cedar shoe trees in your closet. I'm a shoe hog so I have several. But at least have one to put in your hardbottoms after you wear them to help them maintain their shape and remain fresh.

Find yourself a style or niche and stick with it. Make slight changes but stay true to that style.

Some of these dudes are lost since Jay ain't on the TV anymore. They're confused. Kanye and Pharell's styles don't work for everybody. Neither does Cam's. So find your own.

Personally, I'm a Polo dude, tried and true. It's not going out of style even if it goes out of fashion. I'm also a hat dude. Everyday, all day.

So my latest twist to my wardrobe...

Polo bucket hats...they're dope and add that "I'm so subtly cool & confident" element & they're a unique twist without being too far in leftfield. As well, for old-school authenticity, EPMD and LL used to rock these joints faithfully so that might be my inspiration.

This is my latest pickup.

Not Polo but an equally distinguished brand, several swatches of fabric and patterns of cashmere, wool and other fabrics. 100% gutter.

Cop a pair of Wallabees. Again, they're not going out of style. Don't wanna wear "dress" shoes to the club? Want a shoe that's comfortable as any other shoe you'll own? Fuck with a pair of these.

Learn how to tie a tie.

Nobody really notices the brand of denim you have on no matter how much you paid. Pay more attention to the fit and the rinse.

Jeans and cuff links = don't go together.

If you're a thug (hey, I'm just well reformed) and these rules don't apply to you, try this combo....

"Can't even enjoy myself at a party unless/
I'm on the dance floor hot ass vest

Jay-z, "Lucky Me"

"I keep a banger in the ankle/one on the hip..." Jay-z, "Come & Get Me"

(The mink is just for added flair. We'll discuss firearms real soon.)

In the end, if you spending longer than thirty minutes in the mornings figuring out what you're wearing for the're not a man lol.

Feel free to disagree.

Musically, I'm listening to this Dead Prez joint and this Micatone album, which is hazy, sexy, cool. FYI - Last.Fm is heroin.



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