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...I Am

We struggled with how to put this one together...the words that is.

We knew one phrase applied - "Died before his time".

However we knew there was much more.

So in my search for inspiration, I found this quote that pretty much summed the man up (emphasis mine).

"In the early to mid 50’s Sam Cooke came into the national spotlight, armed with acute business sense, deep gospel roots and one of if not the greatest voice that a soul singer has ever had. Otis Redding could outshout him, Gaye did more with what he had as a vocalist, and Al green maybe could caress a lyric better. Yet no one had the total vocal package, resounding clarity, and ability to move people through bending a single note than him. His works with the Soul Stirrers brought a whole new emotional brevity to gospel and set the blueprint for 4-5 part harmony for every single vocal group that came afterword."

With that said & summed up, we give you the music because it says more and says it better than we could ever attempt.

Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Sam Cooke - The Best Of
Sam Cooke - The Man Who Invented Soul
Sam Cooke - Live at The Harlem Square Club and Night Beat/Live at the Harlem Square Club (1963)

Sam Cooke

Respect due to Kim L. aka Ms. F Lupus, Chari & Lurker (smile) for their contributions.

And I know certain cats need both of these joints...


Ghostface - Fish Scale (Retail)

Link 2

Link 3

And this...

B.G.-The_Heart_Of_Tha_Streetz_Vol._2-I_Am_Wat_I_Am-2006 [Retail][GroupRip]

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Charli Baltimore - The Dark Half Mixtape

Hidden Beach Recordings Presents - Unwrapped, Vol. 3

Bill Cosby - Hello Friends,To Ennis with Love

Stray Shots

We're trying some new technics for getting the new and the different to you without killing ourselves everyday. If you like it, let us know. Respect due to my man who put me up on this (if you want your name shouted let me know homie!)

First, here's what's available...

Maxwell - MTV Unplugged

Digital Underground - Who Got The Gravy?

Complex & J.Period - G.O.O.D Music The Class of '06

Shaolin Soul (Original Wu-Tang Samples)

Rakim y Ken-Y - Master Piece

Gyptian - Untitled Promo

Murs_And_9th_Wonder-Murrays_revenge-2006 [Retail]

Vakill - Worst Fears Confirmed


Beastie Boys-Pauls Botique

Madlib-Mind Fusion Vol.1

Madlib-Blunted In The Bombshelter

Lone Catalysts-Good Music

J-Zone-Music For Tu Madre

J-Zone-Bottle Of Whup Ass

J-Zone - Cassette

J-Zone- Instrumentals Vol.3(Lost Instrumentals)

J-Zone-Instrumentals Vol.6(The Pink Cookies)

Mr.Brady-Dusty Baker

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