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"The Trife Life Wearin Handcuffs Like Bracelets..."

"...25 to life we faced it"

QB has always produced some of the grittiest rappers to ever come onto the music scene.

Out of all those that deserve to blow, we've featured Cormega's work.

But we haven't touched on Big Noyd.

Out of every crew of rappers, there's always a sense that they haven't or aren't living the lives they portray, but instead reppin the lives of their crew members who were the ones puttin in all the work.

I believe that sorta sums up Mobb Deep's relationship with Noyd, except Noyd is able to speak for himself & just happens to have the crime record as an added "real" bonus.

He shined on several tracks with Mobb and was featured on several albums consecutively. Whatever happened to his relationship with them, he never got the full chance he deserved but has remained pretty constant on his own.

Here's is EP which released in 1996 and was only recognized by those who were followed the work of Mobb Deep at the time.

Standout track include "Recognize & Realize", which tore up the mixtape circut, and the bouncy "All Pro" with a nice verse from Ty Nitty and Prodigy, back when he rapped with energy.

Big Noyd - Episodes of a Hustla

Every few months, I feel the need to post certain albums.

This is one of them.

Mohanesburg (respect due!) shot me this and when I saw it, as always, I got amped and broke out my copy.

There's no describing it except to say a chick with a whiny but beautiful vocals over some the most well-placed samples and dark grooves. Gloomy, dark, but splendid. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite albums of all time, bar none.

Good music just crosses so many boundraries and this is prime example of why that's true. If you haven't listened yet, take the time to do it.

Portishead - Dummy

If you still need a reason to cop the new Ghost for $7, here's two...

1. "Shakey Dog" where Ghost tells one of the illest, most detailed stories about robbery since Scarface was in his heyday with the "Mr. Scarface" series.

2. "9 Milli Bros" hear the whole Wu smash a RZA track makes the $7 alot cheaper than the cost of concert ticket & they way they move, it might be one of the few opportunities we have to hear'em all again on one track.

Dear God...

Please hurry and let the Clipse drop something...

The Clipse - "Mr. Me Too"

...oh man. Eargasmic.



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