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Alot of times, we get overwhelmed with the amount of music that we try to listen to and "review" for the benefit of everybody who visits here.

Through this site, I've learned that I could never be an A&R and I see how cats who rap feel about people handing them their demos lol. Nevertheless, we still make time to try and give everything a shot because we appreciate the position we're in to help cats.

What follows is an effort in persistance and dedication by a few cats who understood that we were slow in getting to it but we promised to listen to it...and we did. They were patient & for that we're appreciative.

All we ask of you is if you like it or dislike it, comment. Say what you feel and give the artist or groups, as well as us, some feedback.

Also, if you like, we've taken the liberty of providing some biographical information, additional links, etc. in downloadable files.

First off, between myself and the homie Worms from funkmonks (moreso him than me) we took a lot of time to refine this package (cough*damn near two fuckin weeks!*cough) so that it could be properly presented.

1. It's a lot of material but we all know innnernet mofofuckers ain't the most patient individuals so if it's long they won't bother.

2. It's quality material straight from the essence & roots of what hip-hop is about - the DJ taking various songs and creating a groove that keeps your head nodding.

That said, on one of those days when you're searching for either something new or with more soul than the radio, check out Basementalism. Included in the archives here is going to be more than enough entertainment from quality radio broadcasts, showcase of DJ skills, artist interviews (not wack artists but some you will actually look forward to)...just a whole buffet from which to expand your musical options because they present new tracks, shine on the old and give light to independents and underground acts.

Below, Worms took the liberty of compiling all of the archived files and the blurbs that go with them. So take some time and enjoy the presentation.

Worms Presents The Basementalism Files

Worms also shared this with everybody...

"If you get time, Check out CKut 90.3FM (click for the link)streaming radio. They are a station out of Montreal which archives all shows (and there's something for EVERYBODY!) at 128 kbps for a week. This has been my dosage of new music for the past year. Jazz, Funk, WEFunkRadio, turn the tide, off the hook, and my conspiracy and freedom speak fix Grey Matters. The newest, hottest, best(and sometimes worst) shit out nooowwww!"

My man SK passed me two quality joints that grew on me after listening to them several times over. This Big Tuck joint....the more I listened to it, the more osmosis took place. Rough, aggressive, rowdy, heavy...those might be best adjectives to describe this track. One thing about it, reppin from Dallas, Big Tuck and his DSR Crew from Dallas are trying to let the rest of the world know that Houston ain't the only city reppin the Lone Star state and that there's more coming from the Southwest section of the map. With his first indie album, Purple Hulk, clocking in at 100K sold, a nomination as indie album of the year at the Southern Eastern Awards and a major deal in tow, they're doing something right. Check for his upcoming release, Tha Absolute Truth, which comes out this summer and will feature Slim Thug, Chamillioniare, Paul Wall, Bun B, Tum-Tum, Fat Bastard and the entire T-Town Music Family.

Big Tuck - "Tussle" feat. Tum-Tum & Slim Thug

For additional info on Big Tuck, click here.

Another track that caught my attention came from Vakseen Productions and an artist named The Shaw Shanks. Sparse but just enough for a good balance between beats and rhymes.

The Shaw Shanks - "Monomania" (Get Off)

The Shaw Shanks - Wordplay (Full Album)

Long story short, I found this cat thru the Playaz Cirle, Myspace group, which is far from standard procedure. But this particular beat caught my attention something heavy so I asked for permission to share it with everyone.

Is it possible for a groove to be hectic but smooth at the same time?

Quite possibly and this track by Tha S Enceis evidence. The beat is hard and jumps out, but is quietly calmed by the well-placed sample.

Tha S Ence - "Fool" Instrumental

This Playaz Circle (aka The Duffle Bag Boys) might be my favorite out of all the material sampled. It's got a Southern "Big Poppa '06" type chorus, a smooth beat, and a nice Luda feature. Tity Boi and Dolla Boy exhibit a quality flows that have good wordplay and cadence that compliment the beat by riding up and down. Check for their upcoming album "Supply And Demand" for more material out of these two cats.

Playaz Circle feat. Ludacris - "U Can Believe It"

For additional info on Playaz Cirle, click here.

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Charli Baltimore - The Dark Half Mixtape - If you got, pass it please.

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