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Mixtape Wedsnday for readers of TSS. RETRO checking back in.

Now, I've personally been bumping mixtapes since the mid 90's. Mind you, it was damn near impossible to find some quality tapes back then out here in LA. I'd be lucky to get a shitty six month old mixtape in the bargain bin at my local record shop. But now, the fucking market is saturated with them. The new age mixtape Dj's came in droves. No more Clue and Slay. There's at least 50 known Dj's in NY alone trying to make a name for themselves.

Now, I'm not knocking their hustle, cuz in a sense, Gotty™ and I share many similarities to those Dj's in question. We're trying to make a name for TSS
, we stay current on hits and releases, but bring back the old school occasionally, and we have a fan base that checks for us on a regular basis. Problem is, too many mixtapes these days are put out too quickly. Quantity, without quality. Bullshit fillers from people we never heard of, and prolly don't even want to hear. Gotta let some of the up and comers shine, but good Lord, some of the filler tracks are getting ridiculous. Sounding like it was recorded on a Tyco microphone to a midi instrumental. The fuck outta here with that shit.

That's where one of my recent favorites comes in. DJ DRAMA has been KILLING the game right now. I'll be surprised if he doesn't win Dj of the year. Yeah yeah, I know he's down with Grand Hustle and TI, and that may contribute to his success and fame. But this dude stays consistent and on his grind. To my knowledge, there hasn't been one shitty tape he's dropped yet. And before you right him off as some "Southern" mixtape Dj, keep in mind he's done joints with Saigon, Busta, and Trick Trick just to name a few.

One of my favorites gotta be "Down With The King." If this wasn't one of the most lopsided verbal victories in down south history, then I'm definitely missing something. TI seriously takes Flip to the woodshed for a good beating. Not to mention Face, Hump, and 3rd all coming in personally to throw dirt on the grave of the Leprechaun. All you Flip fans gotta agree, your boy got got. Real real real bad.

DJ DRAMA, TI, & P$C - Down With The King
Part 1
Part 2

Drama also breaks artists on the comeup. Da Snowman, aka Young Jeezy, aka BMF affiliate. Trap Or Die comes a very close second to TI for the best tape he dropped. Yeah it might be his second tape with Drama, but this is where he really blew, pause. Before Boyz N Da Hood, before the joint with Fabolous, before the high profile Def Jam budget for "Thug Motivation," there was this. And got damn if it wasn't hot. Part of Jeezy's appeal is that he knows what the fuck he's talking about. Some of his verses you couldn't understand unless you were connected to the streets in one way or the other. So D-boys bumped this hard ridin dirty in their slabs. And i can't blame them.

DJ Drama & Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die

It this doesn't convince you that Drama is about his business and still hungry even after signing a major label deal, well, we got some gems more gems for you.

DJ Drama & David Banner - The Hustlers Guide To The Game

DJ Drama & P.Diddy - Gangsta Grillz XII

DJ Drama & Lil Webbie - Gangsta Grillz XIV

DJ Drama & T.I. - The Leak

DJ Drama & Project Pat - Gangsta Grillz XV

DJ Drama & Young Jeezy - Streets Is Watching

The Aphilliates & Lil Scrappy - Full Metal Jacket

DJ Drama & Slim Thug - Boss Basics

DJ Drama - Legend Series 1(Hosted By Bun B ) Chopped By Swisha House

DJ Drama And Aphilliates Presents Got That Purp 2005

DJ Drama & Boyz N Da Hood - Straight Outta A-Town

DJ Drama & T.I.-Gangsta Grillz 8 Meets In The Streets 4

DJ Drama & Trick Trick - Welcome To Detriot

DJ Drama & Young Buck - Case Dismissed

DJ Drama & Saigon - Welcome To Saigon

DJ Drama & Young Jeezy - Can't Ban The Snowman


DJ Drama txt File

Outty 5000...


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